Hud 89-97, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-12, Page-232)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-12 » Page-232
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Hud: 11/Hud-89, 11/Hud-90, 11/Hud-91, 11/Hud-92, 11/Hud-93, 11/Hud-94, 11/Hud-95, 11/Hud-96, 11/Hud-97, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-12, Page-232, Hud 89-97
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11/Hud-89: O my people! Let not your opposition to me cause you to be struck by a calamity that is similar to what struck the people of Noah or the people of Hud or the people of Salih! And the people of Lot (Lût) are not far off from you.
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11/Hud-90: And ask forgiveness of your Lord, then turn to Him in repentance (before the Messenger or the saint guide). Surely my Lord is Most Merciful (the One who sends the Light of Mercy), Most Loving.
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11/Hud-91: They said: “O Shu’aib! We did not understand much of what you said! And most surely we see you to be weak among us, and were it not for your supporters, we would surely stone you. And you are not mighty against us”.
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11/Hud-92: O my people! Is then the group that supports me more esteemed by you than Allah? And you have forgotten (neglected) Him as a thing cast behind your back. Surely my Lord encompasses all that you do.
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11/Hud-93: O my people! Do whatever you may! Surely I am too. You are going to know to whom will come a punishment that will disgrace him and who is a liar. And watch, surely I too am watching with you.
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11/Hud-94: And when Our Commandment came, We delivered Shu’aib and those who believed (became âmenû) with him by a Mercy from Us. The rumbling (awful Cry, a terrific sound wave) overtook those who were wrong-doers. So they remained kneeling down in their land.
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11/Hud-95: It was as if no one had ever lived there! Were not the people of Madyan (Midian) taken away (from the Mercy of Allah) as the people of Thamûd (were taken away from the Mercy of Allah).
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11/Hud-96: And certainly We sent Moses with Our Verses and a clear Sultan.
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11/Hud-97: To Pharaoh and his elites (We sent Moses - per previous verse), but they followed the command of Pharaoh. And the command of Pharaoh was not right-directing to Irshad (the immaterial maturity).
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