Yunus 43-53, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-11, Page-214)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-11 » Page-214
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Yunus: 10/Yunus-43, 10/Yunus-44, 10/Yunus-45, 10/Yunus-46, 10/Yunus-47, 10/Yunus-48, 10/Yunus-49, 10/Yunus-50, 10/Yunus-51, 10/Yunus-52, 10/Yunus-53, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-11, Page-214, Yunus 43-53
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10/Yunus-43: And there are those of them who look at you, but can you deliver the blind (whose sense of seeing is not functioning) to Hidayet?
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10/Yunus-44: Truly, Allah does not wrong mankind in any way. But mankind wrong their own souls.
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10/Yunus-45: And on the Day (Allah) shall gather them together as if they had not stayed but an hour of a day, they will recognize each other (they will get acquainted). Indeed, those who have belied the reaching Allah (before death) have caused their souls to fall into Misguidance and could not become those who have reached Hidayet (could not deliver their spirits to Allah).
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10/Yunus-46: And if We show you something of what We promised them or cause you to die, yet to Us is their return. And Allah is the Bearer of Witness to what they used to do.
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10/Yunus-47: For every nation there is a Messenger (Rasul); and when their Messenger comes, the matter is decided between them with justice and they are not wronged.
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10/Yunus-48: And they say: “When will this promise come about, if you are truthful”?
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10/Yunus-49: Say: “I have no power over any harm or benefit to my soul except what Allah may will”. For every nation there is an appointed term. When their term comes, they cannot put it off an hour nor can they hasten it.
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10/Yunus-50: Say: “Have you considered (what) if His torment should come to you by night or by day”? What then is there of it that the guilty would hasten on?
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10/Yunus-51: Then is it that when it has actually occurred you will believe in it or now? And you were impatient for it.
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10/Yunus-52: Then those who did wrong were told: “Taste the everlasting torment”! Will you be requited except for what you used to earn?
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10/Yunus-53: And they will ask you to inform them: Is that true? Say: “Yes, by my Lord”! It is most surely the truth and you are not they who can make (Allah) impotent.
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