Yunus 34-42, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-11, Page-213)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-11 » Page-213
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Yunus: 10/Yunus-34, 10/Yunus-35, 10/Yunus-36, 10/Yunus-37, 10/Yunus-38, 10/Yunus-39, 10/Yunus-40, 10/Yunus-41, 10/Yunus-42, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-11, Page-213, Yunus 34-42
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10/Yunus-34: Say: “Is there of your associates one that originates the creation and then brings it back again”? Say: “It is Allah who originates the creation and then brings it back again”. How are you then turned away?
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10/Yunus-35: Say: “Is there any of your associates who guides (delivers) to the Truth”? Say: “Allah guides (delivers) to the Truth”. Is He then Who guides to the Truth more worthy to be depended on, or he who himself does not attain Guidance unless he is not made to attain Guidance? What then is the matter with you, how do you judge?
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10/Yunus-36: And most of them do not follow anything but conjecture. Surely conjecture is no substitute for the truth. Verily, Allah is All-Aware of what they do.
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10/Yunus-37: And it was not for this Qur'an to be produced by other than Allah. But it is a confirmation of that which was before it and a detailed explanation of the Book. There is no doubt in it, (it is) from the Lord of the Worlds.
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10/Yunus-38: Or do they say: “He has forged it”? Say: “Then bring a Sûrah (a chapter) like this and invite whom you can besides Allah, if you are truthful”.
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10/Yunus-39: No, but they have denied that the knowledge of which they could not comprehend and the interpretation of it has not yet come to them. Those before them did belie as well. See then what the end of the wrong-doers was.
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10/Yunus-40: And of them is he who believes in it, and of them is he who does not believe in it. Your Lord best knows the mischief-makers.
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10/Yunus-41: And if they belie you, say: “For me are my deeds, and for you are your deeds. You are disassociated from what I do, and I am disassociated from what you do”.
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10/Yunus-42: And there are those of them who listen to you. But can you make the deaf to hear, even though they are not mindful?
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