Al Imran 166-173, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-4, Page-72)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-4 » Page-72
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Al Imran: 3/Al Imran-166, 3/Al Imran-167, 3/Al Imran-168, 3/Al Imran-169, 3/Al Imran-170, 3/Al Imran-171, 3/Al Imran-172, 3/Al Imran-173, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-4, Page-72, Al Imran 166-173
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3/Al Imran-166: And what befell you (adversity) on the day when the two parties met, was by Allah’s Leave, in order that He might know (determine) the believers.
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3/Al Imran-167: And that He might know the ones who cause factions (disbelievers); and it was said to them: Come, fight in the Way of Allah, or defend yourselves. They said: “If we knew fighting, we would certainly have followed you”. They were on that day of permission much nearer to unbelief than to belief. They say with their mouths what is not in their hearts; and Allah best knows what they conceal.
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3/Al Imran-168: Those (disbelievers) who said of their brothers while they sat (did not go to war): “If they had obeyed us, they would not been killed”. Say (to them): “Avert death from yourselves, if you are truthful (in your saying)”.
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3/Al Imran-169: And do not reckon those who are killed in the Way of Allah as dead; nay, they are alive and are provided sustenance in the presence of their Lord.
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3/Al Imran-170: Rejoicing in what Allah has bestowed upon them of His Virtue and they wish to give glad tidings to those who have not joined them but are left behind (those who did not yet become martyrs): that there shall be no fear for them neither shall they grieve.
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3/Al Imran-171: They wish to give glad tidings of Blessing and Virtue from Allah and that Allah will not waste the reward of the believers.
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3/Al Imran-172: They (believers) even responded to the call of Allah and the Messenger after the wound had befallen them, for those of them who are the best ones (who fulfill all the Orders of Allah and do not commit all that He has forbidden) and attained to the (greatest) piety (Azîm takwâ) there is the greatest reward (ecrun azîm).
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3/Al Imran-173: Those (the best ones) to whom the people said: “Surely the men have gathered against you (in order to attack you), therefore fear them, but this (statement) increased their faith”, and they said: “Allah is sufficient for us and He is the best Proxy”.
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